Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Date Eps 2-10

Date is Kosawa Ryota's attempt at a romantic comedy and it is a pretty good one. His witty dialogue between the Koutou Yuumin and the girl with Asperger syndrome is reminiscent of Okada Yoshikazu and Nojima Shinji (before he started all writing johnny doramas). Its funny and different because both are interesting characters and I enjoyed how Kosawa Ryota made fun of romantic comedy conventions.

It felt fresh and different until the halfway point to set up the main characters going with the supporting characters. The it felt kind of familiar and old, especially with Kuninaka Ryoko in the supporting role. I guess Kosawa Ryota had to play within the rules of the romantic comedy but I was hoping he would subvert the rules even more.

However, he did write an ending that was something different from what we normally see. Its the most indirect confession scene ever but I was feeling tired of it like Kuninaka Ryoko's character.

Overall, its still pretty funny and watchable and everyone gave their best, especially Anne but I just wish it had not adhered to the romantic comedy sequence of events. Recommended and fun show, might get a bit tiring towards the end. 

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alundiss2 said...

I agree that overall it was enjoyable and definitely not a waste of time. I was just hoping that there would be a few more scenes/speeches like the one he did during the proposal episode where the writer encourages us to question the construct of marriage or just the idea of being a citizen in our society in general. That was certainly an amazing moment for me.

I hope he continues to explore his potential in this genre as I think he'll be able to produce even better projects in the future. Maybe after this first try, he'll be more daring to go beyond, while still keeping it witty.