Thursday, April 16, 2015

Japan loot 2015

I don't like the DOA combo breaker system but I just bought it for Marie-Rose and her costumes.

Unfortunately the mouse doesn't offer much wrist support.

Should have gone for Kinki of Maguna instead of Legend of Legacy. Pretty sure its a much better game.

Plus bonus wallscroll for only 2000 yen.

Dunno if I will have time for Blooborne. I don't mind replaying The Last of Us with Japanese voices and I gave my PS3 version to a friend. Since David Hayter is no longer Snake, its time for Japanese Snake.

From the makers of Bayonetta.

Hori RAPV for PS4 and 3. The TE2 is going for 20000 yen and I prefer Sanwa buttons but the TE2 glass felt flimsy.

Hopefully I can get used to the kuro buttons.

Uru4 poster.

RGG0 poster. Still unable to find RGG5 poster.

Mayaya from Irodori card.

I killed my Saturn when I forgot it didn't have a voltage convertor. Got one for my Wii so its all good. Now to find time for all my games.

Thanks to bframe for getting me the Lumix GM1 for a cheap price. Not as pocketable as the RX100 but I'm going to get the zoom lens on day. The focus ring came off after a week and was fixed with double sided tape.

Found some shops selling the lens for 3man but ended up not buying.

I love how Yodobashi gives you a plastic cover for your bag when its raining. Someone must have a job in Yodobashi to tell all the cashiers that rain has started or stopped.

The song for my trip is Kumamushi's Attakaindakara. Its got a painful memory but its got good memories for me as this song is getting really popular.

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