Monday, March 30, 2015

Yanagawa Day 2: sakura mankai

Mankai aka full bloom just started in Fukuoka and Tokyo yesterday and I'm in Yanagawa which is an hour from Fukuoka.

Having a smoke after parking the car just outside Mihashira Jinja ミ柱神社.

We decided to go for some unagi/eel first cause there was an hour before the show started. Good thing we missed the queue which had formed when we were leaving.

For the price, it wasn't that much better than eating at Yoshinoya.

Katana chopping exhibition.

I would pay money just to get a katana and be able to chop stuff up.

As Ricco would say, those two are Miss nanjyarou kanjyarou. Wishing I had gotten that zoom lens.

Musical performance before the big event.

Procession with archers on horseback.

Horseback archery is called yabusame 流鏑馬。

Basically there were two net targets and the horsemen had to shoot arrows into the two nets while riding at full gallop.

Went to Taishoen for yakiniku. Ricco's parents went to her place to take care of Rintan.

It was so busy we had to wait one hour. It was bloody torture sitting there smelling all that meat.

Unfortunately we could only get the family room which meant no smoking.

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