Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ryu ga Gotoku Zero : Hot Dog Press magazine

My amiami preorder arrived today. This is the first time I've double dipped digital and disc. Previously I've double dipped Yakuza 3+4 but I don't really care about the English releases. Its a very niche series in the Western market. The game left Japan on Friday and arrived here on Monday. The mousepad is bit smaller than what I was expecting but the main thing I want is the magazine.

OMFG, its a manual. Paying good money for a game and finding there's no manual just breaks my heart.

My lack of sleep since getting this game is ruining my health.

Arimura Chika showing the kyabajou hand signals.

What not to do at a regular kyabakura. I like the 'do not play with fruits' picture . :)

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dgundam said...

first thing i noticed when i opened your site was, is that a picture of chika arimura??!?!

ive done *ahem* research on her work.

damn damn damn, ur getting me tempted to get a japanese release since i think it will take years for this to go to NA. so is that magazine and mousepad only for preorders?
hopefully im not too late.

so did your favorite av actress win the poll and get in the game mike?

have fun palying the game~