Thursday, March 12, 2015

Memories of Matsuko

Stupid download version of Ryu ga Gotoku 0. It only took two hours to download the initial 20gb or so but it turns out there's more downloading to be done in game. Its been 3 sessions of 15 minutes of story followed by one hour of downloading stupid data sets. (Now awaiting data set 16) Its probably meant to be downloaded in the background on Japan's super fast internet but bloody hell, this is frustrating.

So while waiting, I might as well write about Memories of Matsuko, which I finally watched last night and its a must watch even if its just for the craftsmanship cause this is a beautifully crafted movie. Plus, its right up my alley being a tragic-comedy-half musical.

Memories of Matsuko tells the story of an  earnest person who wants to be loved and tries maybe to hard to what other people want her to be but keeps making wrong choices. Its sort of a reverse musical Forest Gump. What if thing turned bad for Forest at every turn?

This movie must be director Nakashima Tetsuya at the height of his powers. Its like watching Sono Sion's Love Exposure after Tokyo Tribe. He used to be able to make entertaining dark and nihilistic movies before. You can see ideas that he explores more in Confessions and The World of Kanako. No way I'm going to watch Kamikaze Girls though.

However, there is one thing I did not like about Memories of Matsuko and that is trying to make her into this christ-like figure with that line from Eita about giving and not receiving. Firstly, its feels like something thinking that this movie is too depressing so let's force feed the audience some happy thought instead of letting them come to their conclusions.

Secondly, a lot of what Matsuko goes through is just bad luck and part of is her fault. The movie should not have tried to simplify her life like that. Must watch. Its not for everyone but I was very entertained.


Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I am happy that you could appreciate the unique and, imo, moving film experience that is "Memories of Matsuko". What a tour de force performance by Nakatani Miki! This film is definitely not for everyone, but it certainly left a deep impression on me. Great soundtrack, too. I still hum along to the dango song.

Akiramike said...

The song that I still remember is Happy Wednesday. It captures how naive she is and how she has blinkers on when she gets a bit of happiness.