Sunday, March 22, 2015

Anime Japan 2015

It's good to be back in Japan!

You see the mass of humanity on the left? That's the line to get in.

The line did move surprisingly fast and I did seriously think about walking away. The only popular anime I like is the first season of Psycho Pass.

Walking past cosplayers on the way in.

Nearly there.

No idea.

Sega's Project Diva game featuring all the crappy anime I will never watch. Pretty sure I'll end up buying it anyway.

At least there's one anime I know! Doraemon.

Omfg its Freeza!!!! Why is no one running away in terror? Am I the onely one who can see him there next to Goku?

Omfg. Since since when can Pikachu fly? I must be hallucinating. Did I somehow brought a joint into Japan?


My what a strong grip you have...

The real reason Oculus Rift was invented.

Wtf is this boring anime that everyone likes.

I remember the Arslan anime from many years ago when famous anime didn't have harems.

Psycho Pasu!!!! Finally an anime I know.

Someone should tell them to shorten it to assoc instead.

Hanazawa  Kana!!!!!!!!

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