Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tsukiji Sushisay in Ginza and Nippon TV

When Satoe said if I want to eat sushi we should go to Ginza, I did not expect cheap and good sushi fresh from Tsukiji.

I got the omakase platter at the bottom for ¥3000. The website is at

Ghibli clock where apparently a lot of the weather reporting is shot from. Its not ofetn I get to catch up with friends during weekdays but luckily someone is between jobs.

We visited the set of this show called Haru no Pon matsuri. Apparently it runs everyday on Nippon TV at 10.45am and people get to visit it once a year. The Pon pose which we are doing is the specialty of the show.

Nokia promoting this remote camera called Exilim.

Its suppose to look like bungee jumping but I don't think it looks convincing.

Don Quixote in Kamurocho I mean Kabukicho. As much as I'm having fun, I miss playing RGG.

For fans of Yakuza/RGG, this is how the real Millenium Tower looks like now. Toho studios should license this out to Sega for free.

I would pay good money for this poster signed by Sakura Mana and Arimura Chika.


Jung said...

god damn you Mike, do you ever do any work? lol...

dgundam said...

i have a feeling hes rolling in plenty of dough and all his savings go to his japan trips XD

he goes like 4 times a year to japan? wow 0.0

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
That beautiful omakase platter for only 3000 yen? OMG...
Hey, I don't begrudge any of Mike-san's trips as long he keeps up the entertaining blogging. It's like I'm living the dream through you, Mike-san.

Sonna~ said...

I think Mike is a koutou yuumin, hahahaha.

Remember guys... he lives in Australia, tickets to Japan are probably like £200 or something, along with staying in hostels it's probably really cheap.

I didn't know Japan still had Tsukiji Sushisay, it's the restaurant that Maki from Just Hungry used to work at with her family in NYC. They pulled out of the US market after 9/11 though.

Akiramike said...

Correction, I am an aspiring koutou yuumin. ☺

VampireXxX said...

Huh? It's already that time again...when mike go to Japan XD

I do envy you mike >.<