Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yanagawa Day 1

How come I never noticed this Hakata ramen street at Hakata Station? Ricco who had just become a mom invited me to go stay at her place for the weekend.

Took at 45 minute train ride to Hainuzuka station and Nori-san met me there. My first meeting with 4 month old Rin-chan.

We stayed the night at Nori-san's parents' place so they can look after Rinchan.

I really like the old Japanese house feel with the sliding doors...

... and sleeping on the futon in the play room. Nori-san's dad spoke in real fast Hakataben and it was really had understanding him.

Its been almost a year since I went to an onsen.

Had kushiage for dinner, otherwise known as kushikatsu.

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