Thursday, March 05, 2015

Kageri Yuki Natsu

Fuck me. WOWOW have done it again. They have made a suspense drama that is on par with Marks no Yama! With all the idol dramas and fluff, we can usually count on WOWOW to tell good stories. Watabe Atsuro plays a journalist who is 'banished' in his company who is ordered by his boss to reinvestigate a 20 year old kidnapping case.

20 years ago, a new born baby was kidnapped from a hospital but instead of demanding ransom from the parents, the ransom was made against the hospital. The kidnapper died and now his daughter played by Kadowaki Mugi (Black President) was going to be hired by Watabe Atsuro newspaper company. Watabe Atsuro's newspaper was the one who labelled her father the kidnapper.

The first episode was promising but I wanted to wait for the second episode to better judge whether this was a good show. Started watching the second episode and before I knew it I had finished the Kageri Yuki Natsu.

There's so much I want to talk about but only the first episode has been subbed so I might wait until the subbing is finished. Its a bit like Lady Joker where wrapped around this suspense mystery is a show that deals with issues such as sins of parents, guilt and redemption. Not saying its on Lady Joker's level but its just slightly below it.

I wasn't going to give Kageri Yuki Natsu a must watch cause the last episode wasn't that suspenseful with all the talking but after thinking about it for a while, things made more sense and the chain of causation was really interesting. I'm think I'm going to rewatch it when the English subs come out and look out for clues now that I know who the kidnapper is.

For the AKB fans, Aachan is in Kageru Yuki Natsu working in a soapland and she does a decent job. I really like the directing. Its got this natural movie quality and the ransom pick up and car chase sequences were done very well. Music was awesome and at the end of every episode I could not click on the next one fast enough. I wish WOWOW had done Ghost Writer instead because they would have done a much better job. :(

I was thinking this year might suck cause the last two years were very good for jdoramas but looks like we have our first contender for jdorama of the year. Absolutely must watch jdorama. Raws can be gotten here and the subs here.


Anonymous said...

Mike-san, you're gonna kill me. Another must watch piled onto an already overflowing plate. I can't complain, though - "there's nothing to watch" just does not apply to this dorama season.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the link to the raw!! I really wanted to watch this!

4545 said...

The english subs for the final episode are out and you should definitely do a re-review of this amazing drama the first thing when you come back from Japan. Super thanks for this recommendation.

I really liked how the translations (not the subs) were done too.

Akiramike said...

First thing I have to do is finish Ryu ga Gotoku and book my Avengers ticket but I will definitely rewatch and spoiler review it.