Monday, March 09, 2015

Four more days to Ryu ga Gotoku Zero!

Just four more days to my most anticipated game of 2015. Yes, Ishin sucked and I hate the grinding direction the series is going but there are still plenty of things for me to enjoy. In preparation I replayed 1&2 HD and while the stories for both games are still fun, the gameplay doesn't hold as well. It was still fun though. I loved the Kiryu becoming a host mission in 2. :)

The shocking thing for me was replaying Kenzan after so many years and realising how bad the gameplay was cause it was built on top of Ryu ga Gotoku 2's engine. I had good memories of the gameplay because it was fun for its time but now its so clunky. But then Ishin had super smooth gameplay but I felt like I was playing a gimped character for most of the game.

I've sunk 8 hours into the Vita app. I hate what the series has become. Promoting too much time wasting activity. Download the app and get to level up and earn lots of money a few weeks before the game comes out! I was telling myself I shouldn't support such a thing but I couldn't help myself.

The PS4 demo meanwhile is a thing of beauty. They weren't kidding when they were touting the lighting effects and water reflections in the promotion videos. The game is so pretty too look at. I've got the game preordered from amiami but I am so tempted to double dip and get it digital as well.


- Nishikiyama not being a throwaway character. He shouldn't have died in 1. I want to see him and Kiryu doing cool things and hope they don't get carried away with the foreshadowing.

- Majima's story being this 80s cheesy sentimental story with the blind girl.

- Telekurabu! Why didn't they put this in the demo?

- Catfight!

- running the kyabakura


- They should have scanned the bodies of the JAV actresses cause it looks like someone pasted Uehara Ai's head on someone else's body.

- I think hostess missions have been replaced by telephone club. Goddamit, I want to be able to order gold champagne in 60fps!


bframe5 said...

Don't worry, you can order the gold champagne at ∞fps in a few weeks...

Anonymous said...

I remember the Kiryu host mission from RGG2 very fondly too.
Kenzan is still amazing in my book. Probably my favourite from ps3 gen.

Akiramike said...

I played the host mission around the same as time I was watching Giragira which made it even more fun.