Monday, March 09, 2015

The World of Kanako / Kawaki

The World of Kanako is the most unlikely father looking for missing daughter movie you'll ever see. Yakusho Koji is Fujishima, a former detective who is a very violent person and a drunk. He got divorced and he can't even remember his daughter's face.

One day his ex-wife asks him for help as their daughter Kanako has gone missing. This is how Fujishima's tale of destruction, violence and rape begins as his white suite is stained with many colours by the end of the movie.

The World of Kanako is for people who like some nihilism in their movies. This movie is difficult to watch but Yakusho Koji's incredible performance as this desperate father kept me going until the end. I don't like the directing, especially quick cut close ups (except for one horrible scene).

This is from the same director, Nakashima Tetsuya who did Confessions which I didn't like and both feature similar themes. Actors must think highly of him cause Nakatani Miki and Odagiri Joe feature in small cameos. I just don't see anything from him that makes me think this director is super special. Maybe I need to watch Memories of Matsuko which has been sitting in my HD forever.

Nihilistic and bleak movie which wasn't so entertaining but Yakusho Koji is such a good actor he made it watchable for me. The force if his acting just drags everything along until the end. I think there's no bigger proof of an actor's prowess than when its only his acting that is carrying my interest. If you want dark and entertaining Japanese movies, I would go for Sono Sion's earlier stuff like Niroko's dinner table. If you loved Confessions, than this might be for you.

The movie is available on the interwebs but hasn't been subbed as far as I know. 

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Anonymous said...

Do watch Memories of Matsuko, I'd love to hear what you think about it.