Thursday, November 10, 2005

Top 10 reason to date a cute girl who has a life threatening disease

The popularity of Korean dramas is bad. Jdoramas just keep getting more melodramatic. Case in point: 1 Litre of Tears. Its about this girl who has some disease which will slowly deteriorate her motor skills until she cannot even move. Sounds like those tear jerkers aimed at women who love to cry, doesn't it? How I long for the days when Japanese doramas were about disabled people.

The only reason to watch this show is Sawajiri Erika, the kawaii girl involved with the twin brothers in Hotman.

Inspired by 1 Litre of tears heres my 'Top 10 reason to date a cute girl who has a life threatening disease' :

1) You'll never see her grow old, fat and have saggy boobs.

2) Her parents will actually be glad if you have sex with her cause they want her to experience the pleasures in life b4 she KOs.

3) When you say 'I'll love you for the rest of your life', you are not lying.

4) Damn good sob story to hook girls with. Just make it look like your destroying your life in mourning and it'll arouse their maternal instincts. (Sekachu)

5) Your next gf will under pressure to treat you better cause she will always compare herself to your dead-ex.

6) Easiest way to break up with subsequent GFs after you have scored and not have them get mad: 'I'm sorry, I can't get over her'.

7) Don't need to worry about her taking half your assets after divorce.

8) You can go after the sister/best friend after she dies. (if she's as cute)

9) You dun have be afraid of the dreaded 'C' word - commitment.

10) You have an excuse to visit cute nurses everyday.

Girls with perfect teeth just aren't as cute. :)


Icey said...

Hehe, amusing list ^^

I'm actually not one of those girls who like to watch melo-dramatic series, in fact I prefer comedy-romance serials instead. I had finished watching 'Densha Otoko' a little while back and now I'm currently watching 'HYD' and 'It started with a Kiss' \:D/

Jason said...

"1 littoru no namida" this dorama actually based on the true story in Japan. That's one of the reasons that I love this dorama. Those who watch this dorama may feel like cry out for every episode, the theme songs and Erika herself have brought out the sadness of this story.
For those who watching this dorama, please don't just watch it for sake of Erika, because the storyline is really good.

niji said...

In #5, do you mean "treat?" If you do, then the misspelling is changing the whole meaning of the statement. Just saying.

Akiramike said...

Jason: Just because a dorama is based on true story doesn't mean its good. I just find it overshadowed by Sekai No Chuushin and the pacing really slow. Would have been better done as a movie, IMO.

niji: Thanks for the heads up. I need to edit my posts better.