Saturday, November 05, 2005

Top 100 in the world!

I was surfing (the blog for the head of the opposition party DAP) when I came across the following pics celebrating Universiti Malaya's drop of 80 places to 169 in the Times Uni ranking.

Akira: lol, check out the UM banner:

KTS: wow happy yar

Akira: world top 200 woohoo

KTS: yar

Akira: next year just change the 2 to a 3

Akira: lol

Akira: melbourne uni kalah (lose) to UM, they should put a picture with Steve Brack's (Premier of Victoria, ie state where Melb Uni is in) face or something

Akira: u see the 3rd pic? damn good english grammar lol

KTS: ahha

KTS: its not world's top 100 english language universities mah

Akira: lol

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