Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nobuta wo Produce ep 9

The middle eps were a but flat but the series really starts to pick up again in ep 8 with the revelation of the villian who has been causin Nobuta grief.Having the villianness, Aoi come to the forefront really put some much needed suspense and dread into the series. It also helps that she's dangerously kawaii. It seems like Hiiragi Rumi who plays Aoi released an idol DVD earlier this year. Hhhmm.....

All I want for Christmas is some idol and gravure DVDs.........

Behold the kawaii face of evil!

The cinematography in the show is fucking great. Love this shot of Aoi walking down the street..

Took me 9 episodes to realise that this dorama isn't about love triangles, school hierachy or how we present ourselves to others.Nobuta wo Produce is first and foremost about friendship and I'm glad its not a cliched frienship type stories similar to Asunaro Hakusho and Orange Days.

No, I'm not getting obsessed with Hiiragi Rumi. Its just that uuhhh... I doubt she will figure much into the last ep so she deserves more airtime in this post......

I would like to see more Toda Erika though. The scene between Mariko and Shuji at the end of ep 8 was great. But ultimately, the show is about the frienship between Shuji, Akira and Nobuta. And seriously, Shuji is an idiot for letting Mariko go. Wait till Shuji starts working and gets sick of having to decide where to go for lunch everyday.

The Koshien poster girl. Never knew bucktoothed girls could look this good. :) They should ask her to be the poster girl of the World Basketball Championship which is going to be held in Japan.

No 'Nobuta Power Chuyuu' scenes this ep unfortunately. :(

My craze for Nobuta wo Produce has died down a bit after the slower middle eps. However, I think I'm going to enjoy it much more when I get around to watching the series in one shot. This is a series about little moments like Nobuta Power Chuyuu and Akira's crazy antics. Its more about character interaction than story. Its just lacking the can't wait to see the next ep feel.

Of course the final ep will make or break this series. Currently listening to the Jyoou no Kyoushitsu soundtrack. Can't wait for ep 7 of the series!

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