Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu ep 7

Finally ep 7 arrives and its a fucking good one. I've probably heaped all the praise I can on the series. I only pray that the rest of series goes well and has a good ending.

The Queen blackmails the weakest link and turns her traitor, using her to diffuse an attack. After that, she then turns the traitor over to the class to be crucified. Someone has obviously been reading her Michiavelli.

Kanda and gang against....... a lighter?...........

Hikaru becomes the brains of the rebel group. Kanda finally confronts her mom in a brilliant scene.

Come on Yusuke, u ain't taking no sledging from no little girls!

The most interesting thing of all is that the revelation of the Queen's whereabouts the previous 2 years is revealed. While its shocking, I'm more interested to know why she is so willing to divulge it. Perhaps its the Queen herself who needs saving?

The Queen showing a slightest bit of emotion.......

WTF????? This cap from the preview of ep 8 somehow scares the crap out of me...


tUrtleAE86 said...

This drama is awesome..
I downloaded it a while back, but didn't start watching until I read about it on your blog. And, yea got a bit addicted to Kanda-san.. haha.. what an amazing actress... I need to find someone like her that's maybe 10 years older.... I suppose 5 years older would do? ;)

Anyways, I somehow managed to watch the whole series with my craptastic Japanese and a few good dictionaries. I really enjoyed it..

Akiramike said...

Wow, where did u get the raws? Streamlaod? Newsgroups?

I was avoiding it like the plague when it came out cause show with lots of kids always suck but Kryptolus said it was really good and it won a few awards and I'm glad I gave it a try.

Yar, Kanda's 'teehee' is very kawaii. Can't wait for ep 8 hardsubbed to come out.

tUrtleAE86 said...

Oh, I downloaded the RAWs from D-A as the show was aired over the summer.

...grr.. gravure haters on D-A!