Sunday, October 02, 2005

Crazy about Younha

Been listening to Younha for past few days and I can't just get enough. I consider her to be the anti-Boa of jpop. Boa's too polished, like Lee Hyori while Younha is more 'raw' and definitely more talented.

Houki Boshi is probably her best song. The first time I heard it, I wasn't impressed but it grew on me. I really like her brand of piano-rock.

Yubikiri is a nice slow song. As many have mentioned, the beginning of the song is very similar to track 7 of the OST of the Korean movie The Classic, called 'You to me, me to you' which I really like. IMO, the best thing about the Classic are the scenes with the song.

There's also a Korean version of the song which I think Younha sings better but the I still prefer the Japanese version cause my knowledge of Korean is limited to anyonghaseyo, saranghe, biane and kamsamsumida.

Her latest single Touch is a cover of an old Japanese song which I only find ok. Can't wait to listen to her album.

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