Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ramblings 5/10/05 and thanks Jem!

Finally got a two months contract so yesterday was my last day temping at the law firm (which will be referred to as Md) that I've been working on/off for the past 2 months. Surprisingly, I felt kinda sad when I finally got confirmation of my job.

The people at Md are great and I would like to continue working there but job security (even for two months) is important. During my months of being a jobless bum I swore that I would take any job that came along. Besides, working for the Family Court should look good on my CV. :)

On a related note, looks like Jem ( has been offered a one year job in HK. Three years ago, my main sources of jdoramas were adclan, streamload and Jem. For those who don't know, Jem captured and uploaded doramas from Singaporean tv. Thanks to Jem's seflessness, I was able to watch such great jdoramas as Yamato Nadeshiko, Beauty or Beast and Golden Bowl.

Who can forget when Jem didn't know that the last episode of Golden Bowl would be longer than usual and ran out of HD for the last 10 eps? The wait for someone who had taped the final episode to send it to Jem and to have it inserted was excruciating.

What is amazing is that Jem has captured a lot of series and has contributed so much to the dorama scene all for the wish to spread subbed-doramas around. Us leechers and dorama-addicts owe Jem a debt that can never be repaid. So, congrates Jem and good luck!

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