Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jukunen Rikon ep 1+2


It's the last day before you are going to retire from a successful architecture career.

You have managed to raise 3 children who are now adults.

Your wife has been good to you through everything and you look forward to spending your retirement together.

You have achieve what society deems is success - career and family.


Little do you know that your wife is going divorce you.

Your seemingly happy marriage was not as it seemed..

Your son is dating a MILF...

Your daughter a peniless musician...

WTF have you been working hard for?????

If this doesn't convince you to watch Jukunen Rikon then maybe this will.....

Sakurai Sachiko!!!!!!! Its been ten years since Koukou Kyoushi but she's still hot.

Mmmmmm.... Katase Nana.......

Ep 1 was bloody good. Even though everyone knew what was coming, the build up and climax were executed very well. The acting of the old couple, Watari Tetsuya and Matsuzaka Keiko was really good. The lack of music the camera's focus on the actor's faces really made the dinner scene really powerful.

Ep 2 was disappointing as they went into a more comedy route, showing the poor retired father trying to do housework. FFS wtf does not know how to use a washing machine???!!!!!! If you can't cook, just order take away and cook rice at home.

Hopefully the series will pick up in ep 3 but I'll keep watching based on the strength of ep 3 and Sakurai Sachiko. :)

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