Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ramblings 29/9/05 and Younha

Been working past 2 days. Went straight to bed at 8pm and woke up at 1am. Now its 3 am and I can't sleep. I'll probably get into sleeping mood around 5 or 6 but the question is whether I can be woken up by two alarm clocks? Hope there'll be more work for me next week. Fingers crossed.....

Thanks to amrayu, managed to get the name of the second song: Kokoro no Usagi which came out in 99 or something like that. I definitely will be looking more non-cheesy Shinohara Tomoe songs.

Been listening to Younha, another Korean singing in Japanese. (picture above) However, she has two things that separate her from Boa and other Korean girls:

1) She plays the piano.
2) She's probably the first Korean actress/singer I've seen without straight, long hair.

Here's the mp3 of her song Motto Futari De that came out in July.

I'm definitely interested to see her perform live, perhaps backed up with a guitar.


Avatar said...

Oh yea man.. Younha! :P~~

jt-gc said...

I saw Younha on an episode of Pop Jam earlier this summer. I'm not sure if she was shy or just acting, but she was so nervous and it was adorable.

The only song I've heard from her is Comet (Houkiboshi?), which is awesome.