Saturday, September 24, 2005

Densha Otoko the movie

If there's any other certainty in life besides death and taxes, it's that after watching the Densha Otaku dorama, the movie won't be as good. After all, the dorama had 11 episodes to build up the characters and their relationships.Nevertheless, I was eager to watch to movie, (which came out before the dorama) and set my expectations really low.

Yamada Takayuki in otaku mode. No one can stammer as well as Itoh Atsushi, lol.

Is this the face of a bloody otoku who can't get chicks? He's freaking Kunimi Hiro ffs. If he can't get chicks then I'm fucked.

Hhhmm, Natakani Miki........

If there's one word to describe the movie, it would be 'melancholic'. Its a more 'realistic' look at the densha story but it has two major weak points. Firstly, Yamada Takayuki does not make a convincing otaku/underdog. If your main protagonist looks like the guys who starred in the Sekachu and H2 doramas and there's no 'villian', it hard to be sympathetic to his cause.

Secondly, Hermes is as mysterious a character as the dorama. It worked for the dorama because she's more of a symbol and Itoh Misaki can't really act. But this is Nakatani Miki playing Hermes goddamit! Plus the fact that Nakatani Miki is clearly older brings the added older woman - younger guy dimension to the relationship which the movie did not really explore.

The running time of 1 1/2 hours is too short and an extra 20 minutes of developing Hermes would have done wonders. I guess my desire to see a more developed Hermes stems from the fact that Yamada Takayuki does not make a convincing main character and the story is told purely from his point of view.

Will I get ever get bored of posting Shiraishi Miho pics? Nah........

Hermes!!!!!!!!If I could erase my memories of the dorama I think I would have enjoyed the moviea lot more. Its just that the dorama is so good that that any other intepretation seems like a pretender.


Anonymous said...

I watch the movie first and read part of the novel from the internet before watching the Drama. I find that the movie is much better than the series so it is matter of perception, i guess.

Anonymous said...

where can you get a download of the movie? and is there a translation for the novel?

Anonymous said... has a translation of the original 2ch posts. If you do some searching on video sites, you'll find the complete movie.