Thursday, September 22, 2005

Matsuura Aya - Ki ga stukeba anata

After more than half a year since her last single, Ayaya has finally released 'Ki ga stukeba anata'. This is Ayaya's second advertisement song after the very memorable 'ne~e'. Unfortuanately, the PV is is made up of the ads for the tea drink that came out some time ago and just feels more like an extended tea promotion video than a music video.

Overly blatant product placing can be very intrusive and be a turn off, like the car in Gambatte Ikkimashoi. Props should be given minimal attention so as not to distract from the actors, IMHO no matter how much money they pay.

The song has a catchy chorus but somehow is a pretty forgettable song. I'm hesitant to grab the live performances but word is they're pretty good. Hope Ayaya's next single is upbeat, crazy and comes out before next year. Check out the song here:

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