Thursday, September 08, 2005

Graduation Songs

Well, now I'm truly back to being a jobless bum. Hope it won't be too long before I land my next job. At least now I've got time to catch up on my doramas and fix the bloody Blue Screen of Death.

I listen to a lot of Jpop (its practically the only thing I listen to nowadays) but I've never blogged about it. There's no artist or group today that I'm really crazy about/follow religiously about so its rather hard for me to blog about jpop news.

So this post's theme will be graduation/ sotsugyou songs. Anyone heard any bad graduation songs before? No idea why they're always so catchy. And WTF must they be about high school graduation? What about Uni graduation. Uni is the best time of one's life, not high school.

You can't drink in high school. Its harder to stay out and most people don't drive. Uni's all about freedom, skipping classes and playing all day. Maybe the reason there's no graduation songs for Uni is that its too sad. After uni, all one can look forward to is working like a dog for little pay and uncertainty of one's future.

Enough whinging from me. And no, I'm not going to upload the PVs as my upload is only 128. Please do not hotlink the mp3s. If you do so, you will have nightmares involving Tsunku.....

SPEED - My Graduation

Not on my playlist anymore (SPEED songs seem more like shouting the older you get) but its still a classic. I once tried singing it in a karaoke but its was remixed to a much slower version. :(

They're the first jpop group I went crazy for. This screencap is from the cheesy 'hurray for true love' part at the end. ugh. Still, Speed was really big in the mid 90s and anyone who doesn't know them should check this song out.

GAGAGASP - Sotsugyou

I think most non-Japanese jpop fans have never heard of GaGaGaSp. They're in interesting pop-rock group similar to Sambo Master. Give the song a try. Its loud, energetic and doesn't sound like your typical graduation song.

The drummer sorta looks like my dad, lol.

And what sotsugyou PV would be complete without your cute high school girl? The video is about the lead singer trying to confess/koukuhaku to this cute girl.

ZONE - Sotsugyou

One of my favourite Zone songs that I still listen to. God, how I miss Zone. Why did they have to break up? Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screencap of Mizuho playing drums. Chicks and drums/ guitars are cool, as are chicks and guns, chicks and fast cars and of course, chicks and chicks.

Another screencap of Mizuho with a sakura tree in the background. Can you guess who my favourite member is?

I think I've yet to get over the fact that Zone is gone. No other bandol (band+idol) can match them. Mi doesn't excite me and does anyone know what happened to Cheeze?

ASAMI ABE - Sotsugyou

Kawaii shot of Asami with a sakura type background. What is it with sotsugyou and sakura? Is it mandatory for Japanese schools to have at least one sakura tree in the compound?

Asami not shooting the ball incorrectly. I don't mind teaching her the correct technique for free, hehe. I'd even throw in lessons on how to post up. :)

Wish I had classmates as cute as them in highschool..........


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what the hell is this what happened to the graduation songs