Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sayonara Densha!

Finally its time to say goodbye to Densha. Let's get my gripes with the 1 hour 10 minutes last ep out of the way:

- First 14 minutes is just a bloody recap (I got sick of animes cause of the bloody recapping)
- Two musical interludes after that.
- Two 'climaxes' between Densha and Hermes which is one climax too much.
- Too much crying and the goodbye was too long.

My fav parts of final:

+ Sakurai-san's plan backfiring again. They need to cast him as the villian in another comedy. The actor is pure comedy gold.
+ Densha 'not being able to see' without his contacts, lol.
+ JinakamaMisuzu victims' club!
+ Hermes!!!!!!!!

Hermes is so moe!

Sakurai-san getting pawned by Densha, lol. He's get the funniest facial expression ever!

Yubi wa! Lan Evo tachi! Hermes! Come back!

Densha and Hermes doing the otona no kiss, lol.

Damn, looks like the wife from Slow Dance. Can this be the first jdorama cross over ever?

Sakurai-san rallying fellow victims of Jinkama Misuzu.

My final screencap of Hermes. Itoh Misaki may not be that good of an actress but goddamn is she hot........

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