Saturday, September 17, 2005

Densha Otoko eps 9 and 10

warning: SPOILERS! If you are even half an otaku, you owe yourself to watch this jdorama!

Misaki Itoh cosplaying as a french maid. Somehow it doesn't fit her. And why is it called 'french' maid? Did the French invent it? If they did, millions of otakus are forever grateful to them.

Aah, what a good day of dorama watching. Just finished watching the last episodes of Gambatte Ikkimashoi and Dragon Zakura. Anyway on to Densha Otoko.

Sakurai-san's preferred image of Hermes. The guy has a serious lolita complex, lol. IMO, kawaii cosplays do not fit Hermes.

Episode 9 sees Densha going on an akihabara date with Hermes. It seems Densha plays Z-ism Ken in Street Fighter Zero 3. Either that or he didn't want to use his super abusable V-ism Sakura. Hermes might get the wrong idea and think he had a school girl complex.

Densha buts in and sort of settles the issue between Hermes parents, despite the valiant attempts of Sakurai-san. I thought they would save it for the end.

Shiraishi Miho laying the smackdown on Densha. I just love it when the Imperial March comes on. Hhmm, she's got nice legs.

Here she is again draging Hermes' brother down know-your-role boulevard and checking him into smackdown hotel.

Shiraishi Miho attempting to rape Densha in ep 10. Yes, you read that right. You can see her slapping Densha to soften or should I say harden him up! This is the first time I've heard a guy scream yamete in bed, lol. Gambarre Densha.

Koide Saori!!!!!!!!! She's in ep 10!!!!!!!! Does that mean she won't show up in ep 11? :(

More Koide Saori! I demand a Koede Saori spin off drama: Anime Seiyuu! Then they can do Seiyuus dressing up as characters their voicing!

The main story for ep 10 is Hermes finding out about the message board Densha frequents. Its great to see the other board members band together in the real world to help Densha. She judges him without reading the contents of the board based on misinformation from the brother. I don't really mind since its just a way to lengthen the story and they've managed to keep it very entertaining. Plus the family seems to have a tendency to rush to conclusions quickly.

The episode ends with Hermes finally sitting down to read the board. However, this begs the question: what's in store for the final episode which will supposedly run at 1 1/2 hours?

What kind of misunderstanding/obstacle can the writers conjure up to make the final ep exciting? A dorama can only be as good as its last ep. 101 Proposals is one damn good dorama but the ending part is so bad that it nearly spoils the whole thing.

For sure Sakurai-san will be the main obstacle in the final ep and I have faith that he will come up with a stupid plan, only for it to backfire in his face. :)

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