Monday, September 05, 2005

Ramblings 5/11/2005

Fark, looks like my temp job will only last until end of this week. Though I've been kind of expecting it, you can never prepare for it. The best thing about working is the ability to spend without the feeling of guilt. The worst thing is hardly time to spend on my various obsessions.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that discovery is due to start in a month and there's likelihood that more paralegals will be needed. Too bloody lazy to get back into job hunting again. Its bloody depressing when most applications don't get a reply and even if they do, its like a month or two after your application and you've no recollection wut job it was for.

If I had been working for like at least 3 months, I'd be happy to bum for one more just to catch up on my doramas and movies. Now I have to be thrifty and save up for bumming.

Plus no one to play bball with on weekdays since everyone's busy.

Almost as bad is that my download computer is having blue screen of death problems when copying Gambatte Ikkimashoi ep 7 to my dorama watching computer. I suspect my hd is now super fragmented from all the downloading and copying and deleting. Maybe I should try copying other files or using my usb stick to copy over but it bloody takes some time after the BSoD to get mycom running again. Sigh, its going to take fucking forever to defrag the goddamn thing. Trick 3 is now series of the week (the only season in the series that I'm missing) and I'm still behind on the usual stuff.

Every year something bad happens to me and I thought bumming for months and fucking up my left ankle were the worst things that could happen to me. Maybe I should get rid of the 'jobless bum' in the title of my blog.

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