Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Jin eps 3-11

I really enjoyed some of the time travel conundrums in Jin. By introducing advanced medicine, Jin sensei has already altered the future. His mission throughout this series is to quicken the technical know how of medicine so that Miki could be cured in the future. However, saving all those people in Edo raises difficult questions. What effect would saving those who are suppose to die have? Or does it really matter as in the case of the MILF with the little kid?

Makes me want to rewatch Sakuran.

Jin's only way to measure the success of his actions is Miki's photo. Slowly she gets better in the picture. However Jin is soon faced with another moral question. Nokaze is Miki's ancestor and Jin can save her life but in the process alter her destiny and prevent Miki from ever existing. He made the decision to save any life that he can save but at the cost of Miki's existence? Maybe Jin is suppose to make babies with Nokaze and is the source of Miki's lineage.

Have we met before?

Jin doesn't really explore the sci fi concept of time travel but rather the moral arguments. If time travel only creates divergent time streams, then all of Jin's worries are for naught. The question here is if not helping the needy is evil, how does that balance out against the crime of altering the future or causing people to not exist. I love the answer that Kita Yoshio gave Sakamoto Ryoma. That there is no right answer and the easiest way is for someone to make the decision for Jin.

Its not your fault Mr Brain was absolutely crap!

The big hook for Jin was the mystery of the baby in the brain and the identity of the bandaged. Sad to say, the truth has not been revealed. They teased us with the fake answer that it was Sakamoto Ryoma but its still left hanging. Perhaps the truth has not been revealed in the manga. Perhaps the dorama writer could not think of a suitable answer. Or perhaps they are saving it for a second season? It was a bit of a let down that the baby thing wasn't explained but not as much of a letdown as Jin not doing the ecchi with Nokaze or Saki.

Jin is like the donkan hero of a erogame without the ero. Two absolutely stunning women happy to throw themselves at him. The super experienced Nokaze or the young and innocent Saki. I'm pretty sure Jin could have even gotten them into a threesome. Hhhmmm.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be about as big a fan of jdrama as me. Great to read your blog. Jin was one of my favorites. Just finished season one of code blue last night.

- D

Anonymous said...

Love the dorama. I hope for season 2. One of the best doramas that I've watch.

Anonymous said...

With an inconclusive ending, more manga material to draw from, and the strongest ratings the time block has had in years, I'm sure that we can expect a sequel sometime down the road

Anonymous said...

jin and fumo are nice ... still following fumo ..

Musouka said...

This was one of the best dramas in recent memory. Since it's based on still-running manga, season 2 will definitely happen (well, I guess that depends on the ratings)... *crosses fingers*