Monday, January 11, 2010

Soratobu Taiya ep 1

I'm trying to break Kita Yoshio's record of number of doramas in a year!

One tragic morning a truck called Dreamer, manufactured by Hope Motors was going around a bend when suddenly one of its tires flew out and killed a young mother on the spot. The police suspect Akamatsu transportation of being negligent of maintaining the vehicle. There's lots of crying in the beginning with everyone pointing fingers while Akamatsu (Nakamura Toru) has to go around and apologise to everyone while trying to keep his business surviving. However, this wouldn't be a dorama without something fishy happening.

Hakamada Yoshihiko, the guy on the left has been in 7 doramas this year! Any would kill to have been in Fumo Chitai and Soratobu Taiya.

Sawada (Tanabe Seiichi) works in sales in Hope Motors but wants to go back to the design department. He suspects something is amiss with the quality assurance department regarding the flying tyre incident and investigates further. Hope Motors did their own investigation and declared the truck to be allright. Akamatsu's efforts to get the investigation report is met with stony silence. Things get even more interesting when reporter Enomoto (Mizuno Miki) finds out that there was been another flying tyre incident with the Dreamer.

What are the chances of Tobosha's subbing being completed in 2010?

Corporate cover up shows are always exciting to watch and Soratobu Taiya does not disappoint. The viewer knows the truth. The fun part is watching all the blood, sweat and tears that is needed for this small transportation company to fight the car manufacturer and clear their name. The directing is really solid and you can cut the tension with a knife.

Haven't seen Mimura in a good show since Saitou-san.

Soratobu Taiya is more than just an underdog story. There's an interesting human conflict as well. Akamatsu desperately needs to reveal the truth so that his company can survive and his 50 employees are not rendered unemployed. Sawada desires to change the corporate culture within Hope Motors and does not want to truth to be uncovered by an outsider. He wants the matter dealt with internally and a product recall made before someone else does it.

I'm starting to think that Shiroi Haru was the only dorama where he was a nice guy.

The scene between Sawada and Akamatsu is pure gold. Akamatsu pleads for Sawada to give him the reports but Sawada cannot. It would be betraying his company and what good is his dream of changing Hope Motors when their is no company left to reform. There are also addition side stories like the bank employee's conflict of interest challenges befalling the Akamatsu family because of the flying tyre incident.

Kimura Yoshino, Mimura and Honjo Manami. What other reasons do you need to watch this show?

If you want great acting and story, Soratobu Tyre is a must watch. There's no way I'm doing my hamsapsukebe awards for 2009 before the subbing of this show is finished. Its still early but this could be one of the best jdoramas of 2009. Only like a 100 people have gotten this show so I urge you to get it. I will help seed whenever I can but Soratobu Taiya is a must watch. A big thank you to jade_frost and Kazuya_ for subbing this.


Jung said...

Flying Tire FTW!

To everyone, watch this and restore your faith in jdorama!

Haha I don't want to overhype this show...

But one thing I would like to add to your review is the great background/soundtrack used in this movie (I know it's a dorama, but many scenes put most movies to shame). Like the bgm in 51-53 minutes in ep 1. Gar, soundtrack in this show is really good.

Gotta love He does such a great job playing a total d*ck, you want to kill him most of the time.

Glad someone's subbing it in English. I know the show isn't for everybody, but I hope more people would give it a try.

Jung said...

I can't wait for this season. It looks to be a chock full of quality shows... Bloody Monday 2.. Code Blue 2...

This one looks especially promising.

Anonymous said...

Jung: :D

Anonymous said...

Hancho 2 is what I'm the most shocked by in the next season. It was middling quality at best (and I LIKE this kind of show) and it already got far more than usual, like 14 or 15 episodes last time, and now it's getting another season?! wtf?

Jung said...

^I know right? I didn't know Code Blue was sequelable. If they wanted to use the same cast, they should've waited at least 10 years until they attempted a sequel.. and call it, Code Blue 2018 or something. As is, I would rather watch Innocent Love 2...

What we really need is a good cooking show with Motokariya Yuika!

jade_frost said...

This season is so exciting! With the record number sequels. But I think the one that really takes the cake is the pairing of Hasegawa Kyoko and Wentz Eiji. Whatever was TV Asahi thinking? And I thought I could count on them for a decent winter drama.

Can't wait for WOWOW to announce their Yokoyama Hideo drama special adaptations. And spring drama. I hope they're doing one. I'm feeling utterly deprived. In the meantime, I shall just continue watching Inpei Shirei.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please seed! Thank you. I'm downloading the first episode atm and it moves slowly. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend.

I'm really thankful for he subbing team for doing this. And I'm glad to read a good review about the first episode. Can't wait to watch this properly.

bframe5 said...

Magerarenai Onna is good.
Or, I should say that Miho Kanno is good. Really good.

The story kind of frustrates me at times, but she makes me forget that...