Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Meeting up with Shane in Maibara

So went I from Tokyo to Osaka, checked in at Tenmabashi, back to Shin Osaka to take the shinkansen to Maibara. Finally met up with Shane who is the second person I've met through this blog, the first being bframe.

Shane suggested we meet at Hikone but I preferred Maibara so I could get back to Tenmabashi for some drinking. Air's Clover usually closes at 1 on weekdays if there's no one.

It seemed like a bad decision as there didn't seem to be any eating places around Maibara station!

I found two, first of each was the kurobuta place pictured above. The second was a hakata ramen place called Taifuu pictured below.

I ordered the Taifuu ramen which was a tonkotsu shio ramen that only tasted ok. It was cheap but most of the damage were the beers. The girl at the ramen place really looked like she didn't want to be at work, which is a first for Japan.

We only had an hour and a half but it was great to meet an old school momusu fan who likes Nacchi and Ayaya, (damn you Shane for seeing Nacchi in person!) and talking about the perils of teaching Japanese kids.


dgundam said...

*sigh* am always jealous when you post all these pictures of food when you go to japan. if only plane flights were cheaper for me id go there a 2nd time or more.

so what are the pitfalls of teaching japanese kids?
also since its going to be a new year soon, you planning on buying calendars again for 2016? how much do they normally cost?
just bought one of yukie kawamuras for $30 from yesasia. then i just noticed that shes going to be an obasan soon next year. time flies by so fast. you an ojisan yet mike? :P

Shane said...

There are no pitfalls to teaching Japanese kids. It's an awesome job! So much fun and the kids are great.

Akiramike said...

dgundam: I am saving my calender buying for the end. The price should be written somewhere on the calender. Ojisan is a relative term.

Shane: You don't call kancho a pitfall?