Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Koibitotachi review

My second movie on Yuka's suggestion. Yukavis the girl at Air's Clover who acts in plays and is really knowledgable about Japanese movies. For someone like my who loves 'minor' Japanese movies, talking with someone who's seen or knows of the same movies is rare. She was telling me about running into Hashimo Ai when doing a play. I got a couple of movie recommendations from her to look up when I get back.

Anyway, Koibitotachi is a horrible movie. Its a story about three protagonists from society's fringes but its effing freaking slow and we were talking about how the cinematography was pretty bad. We both agreed the camera work was really amateurish. Yuka was saying how she looked up reviews online and there were more positive reviews but I can't see anything good about Koibitotachi. Koibitotachi was a waste of time but having to discuss a Japanese movie in depth was not.

The director really needed an editor to cut his movie down to size. Yuka was saying how the director hadn't done a movie for five years cause he went into depression.

I brought TimTams for the girls so Yukimi got me  Japanese sweets in return. Found out Megumi is now working at a bar near Fukushima station so I have to go there on Saturday. I should have asked about Megumi yesterday. I'm going to be hanging out with a friend in Shiga and hopefully I can get back to Osaka in time. I need to spend more time in Kansai.

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