Saturday, December 12, 2015

Butayarou Hakata ramen in Nakano

By the ramen gods, I might have found my new favourite ramen place in Tokyo. First off the soup is thick but not too oily. Its more creamy than oily. The taste is kind of different from Ougi's and is closer to Muteppo's.

Second of all, katamen aka hard noodles are acqually hard. I normally go barikata but normal kata is good enough. None of that soggy instant ramen style noodles.

The only weakness is that the chaashiu is lacking. But the soup and noodles are so freaking good, all is forgiven! If Butayarou had wanton topping option, I'm would die of happiness!

The three things on the left are topping options. From top, egg, onions and chaasshiu. Kaedama (extra ramen) is 100 yen.

I would recommend the top left option and then pay 150 yen to the guy for chaashiu topping. If you want a weaker taste for for the second one on the right. I would not recommend Butayarou to people who are new to tonkotsu but the second option is ok.

The second picture on the left is soft pork bone which I will definitely try next time.

You can find the map for butayarou here. Take the south exit from Nakano station and turn left and take the road along the tracks. After 10 or so minutes, you will see a flower nursery on your left and Nakano Zero on your right.

You will see two roads in front of you at the traffic lights. Take the road on the left. It will slope down and then turn left at the bottom. You can't miss it.

Red rice from Shounan no Kaze. My favourite ramenya and band are linked. The owner doesn't smile and mumbles but he did smile when I told him it was very delicious. Do give Butayarou a go when you are in Nakano.から

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