Thursday, December 10, 2015

GAGAGA SP 15th Anniversary One Man Show at Shibuya WWW

Happy 15 years since their debut and happy to see them chugging along at live houses all over Japan despite drawing 200-300 people at most.

The event was held at WWW Shibuya which is just behind Parco.

I couldn't resist amking this my line picture.

Going down the stairs.

Taking a smoke at the bar next to the stage. The last live I went to was at a bar with a stage. This time its got a proper venue.

Because it was weekday, half the people arrived after the start time of 7pm. We got people in suits, kids who don't look older than 18, chicks who look like they're going to work and obasans.

Unfortunately I left right after the encore becaause I wanted to go drinking and drinking less than 2 hours at a flat rate of 4000 yen is not worth it. Very happy they play Matsuri no Jyunbi. I very wanted to stay till the end for Sotsugyou (which they didn't play last time) but maybe next time. If only they didn't start so late. Happy 15th GAGAGA SP and may you keep playing for 15 more.

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