Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ore Monogatari movie review

The last movie to watch on my last day in Japan. I only watched the Oremonogatari anime about halfway before giving up. It just wasn't going anywhere interesting.

The Oremonogatari movie deals with the early part of the anime; Takeo and Yamato's courtship or rather their misunderstanding that gets prolonged throughout the movie.

The movie introduces a new element which is the girl that Takeo liked but it didn't lead anywhere but only served to add another misunderstanding. It is a shoujo manga afterall so I can't really critisize it about the misunderstandings.

The real star of the show is Suzuki Ryohei wo perfectly embodies Takeo. His facial expressions and mannerisms are anime perfect. Its one of those roles I can't imagine anyone else doing.

Its kind of weird that they didn't go super loli on Yamato but she's not bad in a different way. Ultimately its not bad but I hope they don't make a sequel cause the only interesting to continue the series is for Takeo and Suna to become rivals.

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