Monday, December 07, 2015

Saijo and Osaka

Taking train to Saijo, South Hiroshima to visit bframe. First time I've seen a female driver. Its Saijo is like 40 minutes from Hiroshima and we were passing some very rural looking places I thought I was going to the wrong Saijo.

I had two train of thoughts running through my head during the train ride. First was remembering the train dorama Tetsuko no Sodatekata and all the train sounds and secondly, someone better not jump in front of the train.

As I walked out of Saijo station, I had deja vu cause it reminded me of going to Yokkaichi. Unfortunately, unlike Yokkaichi, Saijo doesn't have a town centre.

There was this Hakata ramen place next to the hotel and I just had to try it.

Ordered the lunch set and the ramen was bad. The soup was ok but it was the soggiest barikata noodles I've ever had. That's why I got the gyoza and chahan. You can fuck those two up.

Then I noticed something on the menu I had not seen before: horumon tempura! It has famous Hiroshima hidden menu item.

It tasted exactly like the name. Not as mind blowing as chicken skin gyoza but its ok.

Met up with bframe and first was to this cheapo kyaba/snack with a hospitalation fetish crazy girl called Casablanca. (not pictured)

Second was to this snack called Tiara that only had one girl on a Friday night and somehow half of bframe's colleagues were there. The girl on the first shift was a total milf but bframe prefers the second one (pictured). If only both were working at the same time instead of changing shifts. Thanks to bframe for the pictures!

That is actually an ash tray. Back to Osaka and met up with Shane who had come down for the weekend. We went to Megumi's new bar called Hakushe which turned out to be a regular bar!

If you need a regular bar to drink at in Osaka, check out the map here. According to tabelog, there's no additional charge between 6 and 10pm. Thanks to bframe for taking me out as always.

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