Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Shonan no Kaze at Yoyogi National Stadium 6 December Final

Shonan is not one of those groups that is famous among Western listeners but I've loved their music since I heard them the first time a few years ago at karaoke. I just wanted to wave a towel and sing along to Suirenka.

Ryu ga Gotoku fans would know them from the intro and ending songs of RGG0, Bubble and Kurenai.

Its called Yoyogi Stadium but its actually right next to Harajuku station. The other reason I just had to go to the live was that there are three songs from their latest album I love which are not singles, : Kurenai, Chikushou By Me and Don't be Afraid. The first two two should have been singles instead of bubble.

A lot of fans looked like Kishidan fans instead of Shounan fans although some really looked like the Shounan people. Very happy to say all three songs were sung. I was worried Kurenai would be missed but it was the first encore song.

Its been a while since a concert had every single song I wanted. The three and a half hour concert was packed with songs which was great, except.....

As this was the last show of the tour and they were taping for dvd, there was a super long 20 minute talk in the middle of the encore songs. Just when I was ready to declare this the best concert I had been to since Mano Erina's graduation concert.

View from the nosebleed section. I could see everything anyway.

I left straight after the kast song suirenka as they were taking a comemorative photo and avoided the crowd. Very satisfying except for the long talk at the end. Chikushou By Me was moving when with everyone singing the 'chikushou' and 'stand by me lines'. This somg needs to be a staple song along with the holy trinity of Suirenka, Jurenka and Koi Shigure.

For me, concerts are like movies or wrestling: pacing is key. Too much rest time and I'll get bored cause I want to get my money's worth and I got it from Shounan no Kaze.

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