Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Japan loot December 2015

I've had Yamazaki 12 before. Now to try Hibiki 12.

THE Madoka figure to end all Madoka figures.

Finally a decent Sambomaster shirt!

I hate the front of this Shonan no Kaze shirt.

but I love the back.

Fujiwara toufu shop. This is my new favourite shirt. Koko-chan from Hotaru recognised it because her father was a fan of the manga.

The first loot I got on this trip. I am 30 hours in and its pretty meh. There is no urgency and the characters and their dynamic are juat not interesting enough.

Read many good things about Yomawari. Its supposed to be very scary. Should not have bought 2nd hand to support publisher.

To practice reading although my copy of Exist Archive will arrive tomorrow and I won't have time to touch this.

2 games in one.

I seriously have no time to touch this. Unless I quit my job and game for a year, or two.

16 Vita card holder.


Not going to touch the Mozu movie.

Stop staring at me 1/4 scale Miku. I got too amny Mikus but its so tempting.

Looks so bad.

Ayano Nana!!!!!!

Hakata Tenjin in Ikebukuro. Tastes so generoc you should never bother.


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