Saturday, March 25, 2006

Salaryman Kintaro: Season 3, eps 1-3

Salaryman Kintaro was one of the earlier jdoramas that I watched and which I still remember fondly. The first season was ok tale of a fomer biker gang leader turned salaryman but it was the second season that impressed. After the 1st season, I wondered what else they could do with Kintaro. The writers really impressed me with season 2, Kintaro and gang get kicked out of their company and they have to fight on their own from outside Yamato. The writers had a story to tell and they told it well. It wasn't just a sequel for the sake of a sequel.

Can't remember how many women she beat in seasons 1 and 2 to be Mrs Kintaro.

So here comes season 3. Season 2 end with Kintaro getting married which I though will kill one of the most enjoyable aspects of the series: women fighting each other for a piece of Kintaro. Its sorta like after Peter Parker married MJ or Clark Kent married Loise Lane. It became boring. I mean what interesting stories can you write about a married couple short of an affair. I mean there's no way Kintaro can cheat on his wife? Right?

She gets straight to the point.... I like it. :)

I just love the sense of purpose in season that I found in season 2. This time its about Kintaro preserving Yamoto from being taken over. And speaking of affairs, I find the addition of Moriguchi Yoko to be a great addition to the cast. We all knew who would win when the women were all fighting over him in the first two season but in the battle between Hada Michiko and Moriguchi Yoko, I have no idea who to root for.

Go Kintaro. Cheat on ur wife! Wtf am I saying?

I didn't expect Kintaro to cheat on his wife. And I certainly didn't expect him to go back for seconds. I thought the writers would use the 'they were drunk and didn't actually sleep together' subplot but they didn't take the easy way out. I have no idea how its going to end but I do know when Kayo-san hears about this, all hell is going to break loose.

If I have one complaint about season 3, its that Takatsuka-san has been emasculated. The character was one of my favourite villians. He was the opposite of Kintaro, more brains than brawn and with his own code. Plus he had a very hot partner/spy. Seriously, they need to let him win over Kintaro just once. Now he's more like a Vegeta in Dragonball Z. Playing a supporting role to the main hero, never to regain his past glory as the main villian.

Sigh, he used to be a cool villian and now he's become Vegeta. In season 4, he'll be Picollo; just for comedy.

I just want to see Kintaro fall and Takatsuka-san save the day to prove that Kintaro's way of doing things doesn't work all the time. Its great to see the rest of the characters back. Sigh, what happened to Takatsuka's partner. Or Umemiya Masako who played a small but recurring part in season 2. One can never have enough hot women in doramas.

She kinda reminds me of Shibata Ayumi from Melon Kinenbi.

I just have to give big props to ap for downloading this series. Kintaro seasons 3 and 4 have been on my most wanted list for so long along with Under the Same Roof that I really can't believe that I'm watching it. Too bad my seasons 1 and 2 are back in Malaysia or I could have a Kintaro marathon this weekend.

Kintaro finally realising the purpose of secretaries........

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