Tuesday, March 21, 2006

2nd House ep 10

Something was missing from my life a few weeks ago. It took me a while to realise that I have not seen 2nd House in a while. Lets not kid ourselves here. While the premise of the show has huge potential, the execution has been crap, pandering to the lowest of people, sukebes like you and me. One day, I've love to watch a dorama with a lot of fan service and a pretty good story. Someone should make a dorama out of I's.

Come on, its not like me and a million other sukebes have never seen her cleavage, and wouldn't mind doing so again.......

Ep 10 begins with the ep 9 cliffhanger, Aki (Isoyama Sayaka) about to get nekkid in front of the sukebe producer. While I want to see Aki nekkid, I cannot support the sukebe producer because he was an evil face. Not all sukebes look like someone from an AV.

If such nurses existed in real life, the world would be a sicker but happier place.

Nurse no.2 apparently pissed off for being left out of the action. Hhmm, I see thighs.....

Frankly, I don't really care about the story anymore. They had their chance to make it a sweet story about a pussy-whipped husband and an aspiring actress but they blew their chance with lame and repetitive jokes.

Mr. Sukebe Producer 'grabbing' two hostesses. How I'd like to play the Sukebes in these midnight doramas.......

But I come today not to whinge about the failings of 2nd House but to thank God for the goddes that is Isoyama Sayaka. No words in my limited vocabulary can espouse the happiness of watching her on screen. She's got the right mix of kawaii + sexiness, especially with her magnificant cleavage.

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