Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sabra Tokyo Auto Salon best 73

This file was sitting in my HD for a few days an I finally got around to watching it and what a big dissappointment. I guess I didn't learn my lesson from the last Race Queen file Druggy passed me. Maybe its just me thinking that real Race Queen look like those RQs in JAVs.

She's probably the hottest one among the 73. I wouldn't mind 36 mins of her instead of 60+ fugly RQs. Sabra better sign her up for a photoshoot.

I mean seriously, out of 73 RQs, one would expect 5 really hot ones, 10 pretty good ones and probably 20-30 decent one. No, out of 73 RQs we got less than 10 decent ones and lots and lots of fugly ones and by fugly I mean fucking ugly. I guess this is what happens when one watches too much doramas, PVs and gravure vids. One tends to forget what the average nihonjin girl looks like.

I just like the Ogura Yuko type pose. Seriously, if there's one thing Japanese girls are good at, its posing.

IMO, the main culprit is still the Sabra cameraman. The goddamn camera is too close to their faces thereby magnifying their imperfections. Secondly the camera is jerky and we never get a few seconds of FULL body shots. Hot bodies can erase deficiencies of facial beauty. For example, an ample bosom and silky smooth legs can make guys not notice 1 or 2 imperfections. Take a look at pics from car shows, they are all full body shots. As KimuTaku's character said in Engine, RQs are all about legs!

Hhhmmm, sisters.............

Now if only her legs were in this shot, I think it would be a pretty hot pic.

So, this is probably the last non-Jav RQ vid I'm going to get.

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