Saturday, November 21, 2009

Toda Erika Calender 2010

My Toda Erika finally arrived from yesasia. I was surprised when I saw it wasn't put in a tube but was folded. I can understand that the calender is smaller than usual size but that's no excuse to not put it in a tube. Now there's a freaking crease across the calender. Ggrrr. Calenders are not cheap and shouldn't be treated as such.

The good news is that this is better than her last one. Toda Erika's 2009 calender was shockingly bad and luckily I bought the desk version. That's the danger with calenders, you never know what you're going to get. At most you can preview two pictures but its pretty much up to luck. It doesn't matter how much you like an actress/idol because a bad picture is a bad picture.

Really like this one. Its the most 'artistic' looking one IMO.

This one makes me feel like some chikan.

I think her front view is her worst.

Hhhmm, Kanzaki Nao's legs.


The best one is the last one.


Anonymous said...

just in time for liar game 2

dueng said...

*wiping the nosebleed* she's a mighty fine woman. feel like eating her. :P

bframe5 said...

Very nice...
But, it seems like the photographer was trying to play up to the style of this photobook:

Is the name of the photographer written on it?

Anonymous said...


Akiramike said...

The photographer's name is Yoshihisa Marutani.