Friday, October 30, 2009

Mano Erina 2010 Calender

I could stare at this all day.

My Mano Erina calender just arrived from yesasia. The Toda Erika calender is not out yet. Its sad that there's probably never going to be another Abe Natsumi or Matsuura Aya calender again. I really like the Nacchi 2009 calender. I never heard of Mano Erina until I started looking up calenders to buy for next year. Hers was the only one besides Toda Erika that caught my attention.

Sorry about bad focus but anything with Mano Erina and piano is good.

Looked her up and was surprised to see that she was from HP! Looked up some of her videos on youtube and I was instantly hooked. Look up her concert, Prologue Otome no Inori on youtube. Tsunku has always been searching for the next Goto Maki. Kusumi Koharu is not the miracle member but I haven't been excited about a HP! singer in a long time.

Don't like her look in this one.

First thing is that she plays the piano. Instant credibility. Not to mention that she went with an indy label when she debuted. This gives her the ability to appeal beyond the otaku fanbase which is what HP! and AKB48 are stuck with. Down the line, she really needs to do a real live concert. No backing tracks. Just her piano and two guitars or something.

This one makes her look younger than her 18 years which kind of makes me feel dirty...

Her songs are pretty good except the latest one which just sounds like a generic HP! song. I like that most of her songs are mid tempo. Her voice is probably not good enough yet for ballads and there's no point doing fast songs on piano. I think Sekai wa Summer Party could have been a sakuranbo if it had a huge promotion behind it.

You can never go wrong with seifuku.

Mano Erina is just so different from the other cookie cutter HP! girls. Maybe its just that I've stopped listening to HP! stuff for so long that it all seems fresh again. Watching her facial expressions when she sings Nakimushi Yowamushi during her concert just makes me.... happy. She's got the Sakai Noriko frown! Gaaaaahhh!!!! She's already got facial expressions than Fukada Kyoko.

Seen too many HP! girls with this look. ZZzzzz.

J.P Room should issue a directive for Mano Erina never to tie her hair up.

Proof that Mano Erina looks best with her hair down.


Jung said...

mike, how old are you?!

Anonymous said...

I wonder that too! :)
Off topic. Anyone having trouble getting to DA today and knows what the problem is?

sparqi said...

hentai!! :)

Jung said...

DA is down for me too.

Anonymous said...

Jung said...
DA is down for me too.

Thank you. Then I'm not alone.
Downloading and seeding is no problem for me. It's just the website that's not working at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I was able to get the DA page after a while.
Ruroshin wrote this
Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:55 am:
The tracker will be offline for a couple of hours for an emergency maintenence. I appologise for the inconvience but its gotta be done.

And at last page no.4

The server got hacked.
And again a someone with the IP: got banned (again) because of the following reason.

XrayMind wrote: Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:01 pm
Kept sending fake data to the tracker and mainly the data said it had finish downloading the newer torrents. So all of new torrents had false/inflated completion numbers. Some seeders stop seeding thinking the "completed' peers will start seeding. I remember couple of the over 1gig torrents stuck around ~70% with no one seeding and torrent stats said they had over 200 "done".

Akiramike said...

Age is no barrier to the appreciation of idoru music.

And a plague on anyone who hacks d-addicts.