Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saru Lock eps 6-8

Chicken or egg problem?

Eps 3-5 were nothing to write about. Saru and gang goes to the beach, gets involved with some chicks and and saves Ritsuko (Ashina Sei). One would think that the chick factor would be better but alas, quantity always trumps quality. Kurokawa Tomoka and 5 other girls in bikinis cannot match Nakamura Yuri. Not to mention that it was definitely one episode too long. Can't blame the producers though. Gotta stretch that budget.

Unfortunately, we never get to see them. Unless its going to be in the dvd...

Why I want to go Japan and teach girls how to play bball when I grow up.

Eps 6-8 sees Saru go to an all girls high school to change the lock of the basketball team. Someone has been stealing Aya chan's pantsu from the locker room so the lock needs to be changed. Fortunately, her pantsu is stolen again and Saru and Kenji get themselves involved in this mystery. Somehow the lock doesn't look like it was picked and the only two keys were given to Aya and the busty Matsunaga sensei.

The fun factor and fanservice definitely picks up in the third story arc as can evidently seen from the pics. Plus making it a mystery story definitely helps with the 3 episode pacing. You've got the 7 school mysteries, a list of suspects sprinkled with plenty of high school girls. Just go through all the red herrings and keep the audience guessing till the end.

Need name of this gravure idoru...

She can play me like whatever musical instrument she wants...

And speaking of the end, it is set in stone that Saru will never get the girl. There's always a huge chance that the guest chick will have a secret past or turn out to be the villain. This time, something a bit different happens and I like the way they presented it.

Damn funny scene.

I'd hate to break it to Ashina Sei but there's nothing much to see there...

I hope Saru Lock can keep it up for the remaining episodes. The last season was probably the first season since people starting subbing current dramas where there was absolutely no good shows. Ninkyo Helper started good and then descended into mediocrity. The only two shows that have met my expectations are Futatsu no Spica and Saru Lock. Just skip eps 3-5 of Saru Lock. There's still some fanservice in there but those episodes were a chore to get through.

I wish I could go back to high school. :(

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it gets only better in ep 9.