Friday, October 23, 2009

Jmovie review: Yatterman

I came to this movie with completely no knowledge of it. I just know that it was an old anime and its a pretty big budget show directed by Takashi Miike. Despite the fact that I have previously sworn not to watch anymore Fukada Kyoko doramas, anything by Miike is worth taking a chance on. Yatterman are a pair of crime fighters aptly named Yatterman 1 (Sakurai Sho) and Yatterman 2 (Fukuda Saki). They've got this robot dog who's more like a dog statue on wheels and has powers to create units after eating a bone. The villain Doronjo (Fukada Kyoko) and her two lackeys are forced to create money making schemes after their robot is destroyed to build another one.

If you're still trying to wrap your head around the premise of Yatterman, don't bother. This show is so absurd and wacky that any attempt to understand the story and ask logical questions will snuff out any enjoyment. Trying to understand Yatterwan and his powers is like trying to understand why Yonekura Ryoko and Itoh Misaki continue to headline doramas when they clearly cannot act.

Yes, that is a robot pinching its/her nipples.

Yes, Yatterman is a comedy movie but it is comedy that is utterly bizzare and definitely not for kids. For example, there's this sex scene between two robots in the middle of the movie that just.... No words can describe how bizzare it was. I looked up youtube for clips of the old anime and yes, there clearly is some adult humour in the old show. Fist of the north star has exploding heads so I guess sexual humour in kids show is not breaching standards.

You'll never guess what this scene is about.

The only interesting part of the movie for me is when Doronjo gets infatuated with Yatterman 1. I would say that's the only coherent part of the movie for me. Not to mention Boyacky's adoration of Doronjo. I thought making the villains more rounded than the heroes was interesting. Actually, why should I root for the Yatterman they just don't make sense? Boyacky is probably the most developed character in the whole movie. We know absolutely nothing about Yatterman 1 and 2's relationship.

Lucky bastard.

There are many parts in the movie that made me question my reality. Am I really watching a movie Yatterman travel halfway around the world grabbing onto the sides of a giant robot dog that floats on water? Did I just watch a battle between robotic fishes? I guess the absurdity is part of the humour but the only way I could have enjoyed Yatterman was if I were smoking some weed.

I had a dream like this once, except for the foot fetish part.

If you've seen the original anime, then its easier to accept the absurd humour. This movie is not for anyone but the adventurous. I enjoy watching B movies without a coherent story like Wild Zero but Yatterman is on a level I've not seen before. Keep the children away from this movie or they will be scarred for life!

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