Friday, November 22, 2013

Ultra SF4 location test at Taito Station Shinjuku

Stll in the queue. Will update more.

Red saving is 3 buttons. Asked guy in front no idea on delay wake up.

Either Rolento has big hit box or Abel's s.hp now hits crouchers.

Bunch of gaijin dudes from Capcom and the Ayano producer dude are here taking notes.

Poison has a throw like super where she blows a kiss if it misses.

W ultra at max does like 200 damage.

Tried to ask the capcom dudes but they said only Ayano can answer questions. Abel's okizeme timing is off but maybe its the delayed wake up however you do it.

Stickers I got from the location test.

Lining up for another go. Not sure if want to use Viper or confirm that s.hp hits crouchers with Abel. Managed to test cause 3rd opponent was next to me. Winner stays and you're suposed to lose you 4th match.

Seths bullshit hitbox has been nerfed.

Confirm Abel's s.hp hits crouchibg Poison.

I think his s.hp hitbox also hits above and slightly behind him. Yes.

The change in okizeme timing is gonna suck since his footsie is bad.

I think Adon's hitbox got nerfed ad well.


Seng said...

Nice, was wondering if you were gonna go to a USF4 location test while you were in japan.

Aarrrr said...

Go try if they buffed sakuraa plsss

Wewi said...

And see if Ken now has an unblockable ultra plsss