Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OMFG Idoling!!! mini live in Odaiba!

Waiting for Gundam light up thing but there were people gathered around the steps next to Gundam. 5 seconds later bunch of girls came out to perform. Was told no photos by lookout guy. Should have just press camera regardless. They are coming out again in 25 minutes. Guess no Gundam night show tonight?

I only know Idoling!!! by name but man, the girls are. Rather have cute girls than Gundam light show anyday! Guess I'm gonna stand around for another 15 minutes for another performance. They are coming out now. Buying the cd Mero Mero gets u a ticket to get close. Too late to line up now.....

Edit 1:
- Mistook Gundam time of 7.30 for 5.30 lol. Stupid 24 hr clock time. Glad I made that mistake though otherwise I would not have waited.
- Idoling!!! sang live cause the solo lines weren't that smooth.
- There was 1 second when they came out when I thought that can't be KojiHaru?
- They've also got a Maki Yoko look alike.
- Going to download Shout and Idoling.
- They said Odaiba was their home. If I'm not mistaken, they are a Fuji TV group.
- fark. cd also gets you handshake with all the girls. Gah.
- Is this a sign from the j-idol gods in the words of Hasegawa Horoki's director from Jigoku de naze warui?


dgundam said...

i have no clue who you are talking about >.<

Akiramike said...

Just google 'idoling'.

dgundam said...

is this the place in odaiba where the giant gundam is? i was planning to go there next year. were you able to get in without reserving your tickets? or did u reserve them in advance?

heh its a nice tactic of selling cds to get a handshake. thats what makes akb48 top of the charts in cd sales since the wotas buy multiple cds to get to touch them -_- or so ive heard.

Akiramike said...

Tickets available door. Poor girls were shaking hands for an hour +. Pictures to come soon.