Friday, November 01, 2013

Kurokochi eps 1-3

Kurokochi is the most surprising dorama so far with the fact that it doesn't suck. This has a lot to do with the fact that the script does a good job of hiding the weaknesses of the two main actors. Firstly, the story is dark with a corrupt cop vs corrupt politician played by Watabe Atsuro but its part comedy as well so it excuses Nagase Tomoya's overacting as the cop Kurokochi. Its in contrast with Hanzawa Naoki which is completely serious yet has comedy-like overacting.

Secondly, Gouriki Ayame is there (so far) to strictly explain what is going on and Kurokochi's plans (and the comedy bit helps too) so I'm not hung up on htf she became a detective and stupid stuff like how the police won't charge into a house where the lone suspect is and instead send him a hostage.Gouriki Ayame's presence is to facilitate the story and she's not asked to do anything else.

The question is how long as the story keep the cat and mouse game between cop and politician interesting? I seem to recall watching a movie or dorama about the long unsolved stolen money case but I can't remember what it was. Watchable.


dgundam said...

yay, glad you are watching it. true about how because of the show was written, gouriki isnt bad at all in this drama.

thankfully tk0xsubs is subbing the show.
so far this is the only show that im rly looking forward to each week. probly cuz im a nagase fan :P

funny how viewers in japan were complaining to the station about the peeing scene gouriki had in episode 1.

since its just a watchable show i assume you arent rly going to be doing in depth reviews?

Akiramike said...

What were they complaining about the peeing scene for?

Nothing much to go in-depth about. Its not a meaty story with interesting characters.

lzyData said...

So people didn't complain about a cop destroying evidence, protecting criminals and taking bribes right in the middle of a park during the day, all in the name of fighting a corrupt politician and his cop-hitmen. But they complained about Gouriki peeing in her pants! OK.