Monday, November 25, 2013

Back to Tokyo

View of Fuji-san from shinkansen on way back to Tokyo.

Went to tonkatsu Mita in Shinkujuku and after careful consideration declare that Tonta in Takadanobaba is better.

Rikugien just outside Komagome station. I really wanted to go to the evening light up but it starts on my last day. : (

So many photobooks. Now regretting not getting the Fire Emblem one, top right obscured. The game was ho-hum for me but character design was not bad.

I cannot bloody wait for this. The demo was awesome.

Awesome promo truck in Shinjuku. I'm ssduming Tamura Yukari is a seiyuu.

Joined people running to the middle of the street during red light to take a pic.

Need to use one of these after drinking session.
Hello Project shop to buy the Mano Erina calender. I remember during my Momusu fan days dreaming to go to a HP! store. Never really gotten around to seeking one out cause I could always get Mano Erina goods at the concerts.

Should have taken a picture of the Smileage I love S/M t- shirt.

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