Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Scandal at Omiya Sonic City

What would a Japan holiday be without a Scandal concert? This was on my 2nd last day and the last day was the Ultra SF4 location test. Wish I had time to go 

to the Tokyo Motor Show to check out the girls I mean cars.

Bframe had already gone to the Yokkaichi one two weeks ago so I knew to expect 20 minutes of talking in the middle which I was not looking forward to. I asked him to get me a shirt first so I would not need to queue up and forgot to bring one of my Scandal towels. One can't enjoy a Scandal concert without towel swinging during Doll.

Regardless, I went early to check out asaitama. Venue was close to Omiya Station in Saitama and I went past Saitama Super Arena on the way to the station. Similar to Sendai, it had overhead walkways outside the station connected the buildings nearby.

No more huge venues for me except for maybe Hatsune Miku. After Sambomaster, the smaller the venue the better.

The latest album is ok. My favourite song is Standard but nothing really jumps out. My favourite Scandal song atm is One Piece and was sad to learn from bframe it won't be on the set list.

While the venue is more hall than live house and I was at the 30th row, I could actually finally see them after going to the Budokan and Osaka-jo lives. Not as close as the first time I saw them with bframe at Zepp Nagoya.

Should have looked up the best ramen place on tabelog but ended up at a Coco Ichi next to Omiya Sonic City. Had half a mind to take away the Coco Ichi chicken and nuggets to eat on the way back. According to bframe Scandal only to live house for fan club events but even then there's a lot of talking. They even talk more than Mano Erina and she's the idol.

Crowd ate up 20 minutes of them talking about what's the standard way of cooking eggs and getting the crowd to vote by cheering. Yes, I did time it. Apparently the Yokkaichi segment was about the standard school trip.

I liked that they bookended the new songs with Standard and ended with the good old songs like Shoujo S and Doll. Highlights for me were Mami singing Koe and and I started liking Weather Report. I can watch Mami play her guitar all night.

Used the shinkansen to Omiya instead of the usual train cause of the JR pass. It was funny being on the platform by myself after the concert while everyone used the normal train.

Huge thanks to bframe for the tickets to Scandal and Sambomaster.

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