Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mano Erina 2014 Calender

Went to Hello Project Shop building at 11, went up to the 6th floor and found out it opens at 12. WTF.

Had half a mind to go to Shosen Book Tower but I had to buy it straight from the HP! shop. Emded up at Tokyo Chikara Meshi for the lovely gyuyakinikudon which is super cheap and delicious.

Was very surprised at the A3ish size. I was thinking budget cut since she has graduated.

The calender folds out so its not that small.

Best of all, two pages per month instead of the usual one big sheet for every two months.

Mano Erina calenders have always neen consistantly good.

And I will keep buying as long as she keeps making them.

She looks better with long hair but its all for the Patlabor movie.

HP! shop pics to posts behind.

Hope Mano Erina finds success in her acting but I'd rather she be singing.

As bonus I got two photos! Michishige Sayumi! Thank the jpop gods I waited and hour to buy fom the HP! shop.
No idea. Don't care.

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