Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari review

The Madoka tv series had a great ending. The story was about Homura's friendship with Madoka and in the end she became god and freed the magical girls from the cycle of becoming witches.


- Homura vs Mami fight. No idea why Homura's time stop doesn't work on her but whatever.

- Elements of the matrix story as the girls fight nightmares and uh do a cake ritual except the ending.

Film that I got from Wald 9 of nothing interesting.


- The whole movie is an elaborate plot by the incubators but its just an excuse for Homura to become the devil and allow Madoka to return to and make them enemies.

Did I miss the part where Madoka is suffering everyday as a god? Was she getting totured everyday ala Angel season 5?

Nope, Homura's love/friendship for Madoka gets twisted.


The witch that bit Mami's head off becomes her pet Bebe and turns out to be the new magical girl for is there for to be a red herring?


Pointless continuation. Homura's motivation is so meh and they've changed the heart of the story in the series to a meaningless one. I'm expecting a fourth movie with Homura telling Madoka that they will become enemies one day but I don't care.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but it seems like you don't know any japanese at all lmfao. If you would actually understand any japanese, you would understand the story entirely buddy.

Why Homura's magic didn't work on mami? Because mami tied one of her yellow strings to homura's leg.... Even in the second movie it is shown that if homura hold's somebody's hand (madoka/kyoko) they won't be frozen in time. So that's why in this movie they also weren't frozen when mami tied everyone together.

I believe that you also missed the part when it's stated "ONE GIRL'S SACRIFICE" which speaks about madoka, who gave up on her life and existence for the happiness of others. Homura wanted Madoka to be happy and live as a human again, something which has been robbed from her due to her wish, and due to the incubator's bullshit-ism.

You also missed the part when the incubators explain about their will to control madoka... and the part where kyuubey states that magical girls are definitely too dangerous to deal with. (when homura turns into a devil)

All in all, there's supposed to be a fourth movie.

But this movie was excellent. I suggest you watch the movie again with subtitles, maybe then you will stop bashing excellent movies with no basis to support your claims, and no knowledge.