Friday, November 29, 2013

Japan 2013 trip 2 loot

Finally got a 3DS LL. Was very tempted last trip but I didn't really need the upgrade for Bravely Default. The Project Mirai 2 demo gave me reason to upsize. 3DS is too uncomfortable for music games. Should receive PD2 on Monday. : )

3DS streetpass makes travelling Japan fun. There's only one region left in Japan on my streetpass map to go. Finally got over 1000 miis in my plaza!

Not a One Piece fan but graphics look good. Plays like Sengoku Musou.

Ended up getting the 3DS slide pad for One Piece. Its uncomfortable cause the second stick is to the right of the buttons instead of above of below it. Tried it with the Bio Hazard demo and it works better with the shoulder buttons. 3DS should have two sticks like the Vita.

Cheap 2nd hand one missing the club Nintendo points. Need to redeem my points before they expire.

I spent over a 100 hours on Zero no Kiseki Evolution. Can't wait for Ao no Kiseki Evolution next year.

Could not stand the pathetic battle system from the first game but I cannot resist being able to walk around a virtual Akiba.

Another generic gimmicky Tony Taka game? cough Shining Ark. After Zero no Kiseki, a need an old school JRPG with simpler dialogue. Unfortunately not fully voiced and its got this stupid kissing element in order to unleash special moves.

Yes, Tony Taka games have gone from pulling swords from breasts to kissing in the midde of battle. The bad news is that there are male party members for female gamers.

At least you can turn off the kissing minigame for dudes. Not sure if it means automatic max damage. As long as I can finish the game without any dude on dude action, who cares.

My first Scandal poster.

Cannot resist polystone figures...

Rakuten Eagles championship shirt.

Shingeki no Kyoujin shirt. Took me a whole day to find the LL brown version in Akiba.

30000円 worth right there. Sony should just release a 128GB card. Considered going digital for my Vita games but I need the space for PS1 and PSP games though now I've got a 32 and 64 Gb card. Having all my games digitally on two cards would be easier than swapping around and be enough in terms of space.

Vita card holder.

And of course my two calenders, Sambomaster, Scandal and Gundam Front shirts which I covered previously.

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whyeo said...


I found your blog through Google searching for Yakuza merchandise, it is possible to tell me where you found those T-shirts for Yakuza in Japan?
I was planning to look for some myself or get someone to buy for me.